Published Stories

“Scorpio vs. Leo” at The Dillydoun Review (Sep. 2022) “I’ve come from the Bronx on my teacher’s vacation to take care of my father in Fresno. He’s a bottle of tabasco. Irreverence is his way of telling me he’s not afraid to die.”

“Math in My Head” at Pithead Chapel (April 2022) “I stopped to stare and think it all over. How fire is no illusionist—the house really had disappeared. How nothing was the nothing left.”

“Blind Spot” at Prometheus Dreaming (Dec. 2021) “If parenting is anything, it’s theater.”

“Extra Innings” (p. 92 in Metamorphosis) at The Ignatian (May 2022) “Parents get old without trying, need help without asking. Days pass by dream-like, scuba diving sixty feet deep-like, time feels slow but goes fast-like.”

“Out of Nowhere” at cc&d  (June 2020) “When you ride the subway every day, once every couple months you get to practice the art of reading potential violence and deciding what to do.”

“Sunday After Sundown” at Tell Us a Story (April 2015) “Something flashed above the road toward our car and disappeared like a low-flying UFO nobody else saw.”